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CaddyRack Pro Detachable Rack

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This is the latest version of the CaddyRack detachable golf club rack.

It is the same version used in all our latest golf bags

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The CaddyRack Pro is a new generation premium golf bag club organizer and protector with Softgrip Technology.

We took feedback from the Original rack and created the softgrip technology that keeps the clubs secure even when the bag is vigorously shaken

Features : 

  • The ingenious combination of angled convex and concave surfaces is at the heart of the invention and what separates Caddyrack Pro from all other organizers.
  • The system suspends conventional irons across the golf bag between soft curved fins.
  • The face of each iron contacts a convex curve and the back of each iron contacts a concave curve.
  • As the weight of the club attempts to gently wedge the head into its soft partition the back of each head contacts each side of the convex surface.
  • This action automatically adjusts the flat face of the head to find the exact position on the convex surface to create a perfect triangular locking system.
  • A triangle is the ultimate geometric shape possible so the irons remain stationary in the partitions until required. It is when an iron is removed that another major benefit is realised. There is no restriction to removal because the system restrains the club in all directions except removal.
  • The Caddyrack Pro is manufactured using modern composite molding techniques employing a soft overmould on a rigid base.
  • This universal product is reversible to suit either left or right-handed clubs.
  • This ingenious golf bag accessory can be simply fitted to a conventional golf bag with the three included cable ties.
  • A bonus protective irons transit cover is included.
  • The cover stretches over all the irons holding them in position when bag is horizontal as in vehicular transport.


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